Microsonica is a new aproach to EDM music, a fusion of points of view from two spanish music producers and composers. Jonathan Varela & Morales Gayte, a combination of perfect strong melodies whith passion and focusing on the global mainstream.

Jonathan Varela, as a singer, has been performing in some of the greatest EDM clubs of Spain bringing to life several of their original dance hits. As EDM composer and producer, some of his hits has become dance anthems, with releases and compilations in all europe, rusia and Australia. As pop composer and songwriter he achieved success with several hits for spanish and latinamerican artists.

Morales Gayte (aka Night Waves), is a very prolific EDM producer, composer and dj with tons of song hits on compilations published in Spain, Italy and Germany (to name a few). Originality and a massive sound is a continuos signature of all of his work.